LP Anderson

L.P Anderson Tire company has been in business in Billings  since 1958. They are deeply committed to the community they serve. Recognizing that their business needs to grow along with the growth of Billings, they began constructing a new shop on Billings’ west side in January of 2016. They decided to use Billings’ plentiful sunshine to power this expansion.

Our Strategy

The Harvest Solar team worked closely with L.P Anderson to design a system that would fit their needs. Analyzing the usage data from their downtown operation and using that to model the needs of their new building, it was determined that they would require the maximum allowable system size of 50kW. Beginning during the building’s design phase, Harvest Solar was able to work with the project engineers and decided that a ballasted racking system was the right choice for this project.

End Result

From the moment they opened their doors in May of 2016, the new L.P Anderson Tire Factory has been powered by the sun. This project is a unique example of a business that is able to recognize a 100% offset while adhering to Montana’s 50kW cap. We are honored to have worked with this longtime Billings and the amazing team they brought together to continue to serve the growing community of Billings.

System Details

System Size: 50kW

System Specs:
Solar Module – 187 Canadian panels
Inverter – Three 15kW Solectria inverters Racking – Aerocompact
Monitoring – Egauge

Location: Billings

Install Date: April 2016

Brad and his crew made it so easy for us. They did all the leg work on finding out about permits from the city and regulations. The installation went smoothly and quickly. Our solar panels will be handling our energy needs for the next 25 or more years. We don't have to worry when the price of energy goes up because our energy costs will be stable. Harvest Solar was great to work with, and I hope to hire them again for other projects!
Debra M. Bonogofsky
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