With more than 15 years of boots-on-the-roof experience, Brad and Kyle have designed and installed a wide range of residential systems. While every household is different and has its own unique set of needs, it’s our job to design the best solution for your home. 

At Harvest Solar, we believe it’s not enough for your system to simply work effectively; we offer personalized attention that will empower you to understand your system completely.

Take a look at some of the residential projects we’ve completed below.


25 kW Montana Solar ground mount

With solar on their business and their home, the Klamerts have taken control over their energy needs.  Reducing energy costs for their business means they can reinvest their savings and let their business grow their business.

Pattee and Lanphear

5.2 kW & 7.3 kW

This system is a great example of neighbors coming together to take control of their power needs. By going solar at the same time, they were able to get matching systems and save money.