Yellowstone Valley Electric Co-op

The Yellowstone Valley Electric Co-op approached Harvest Solar for a project that would educate their members on solar energy technology.

Located at YVEC’s main offices in Huntley Montana, the system is accompanied by an educational sign explaining how solar works so people can learn about the technology as they view the system. The co-op also created a link on their website for all their members to view the production of the array in real time.

Our Strategy

Harvest Solar worked closely with YVEC’s IT Team to develop a monitoring interface that people can view on their website and learn more about how solar works. The adjustable ground mount with 16 panels can be modified by the customer to increase production as the seasons change.

System Details

System Size: 4.5 kW

System Specs: 4.0 SMA Inverter with emergency power back up. The emergency power backup will allow up to 1500 watts of energy consumption when the sun is out. No batteries required! Rack: MT Solar adjustable Top of Pole Mount

Location: Huntley, Montana

Install Date: Spring of 2016

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