Grizzly Bluff Lodge

The concept for this off-grid project located in Cooke City, Montana began in 2015. The owner had started plans to build an amazing house in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, with no possibility of bringing in power from the grid.

Because the homeowner contacted us before he decided on the full build out of his home, we were able to seamlessly design a system that met his needs with no need to do any type of retrofit. This makes for an ideal situation in designing off-grids.

We were able to complete this system before the entire project was finished, which allows the builders to use the power system and not have to rely on the generator to complete the build process. The entire project is expected to be completed in the fall of 2018.

Our Strategy

Because of deep snow in the winter, we decided that putting the panels on a structure high off the ground at a steep angle would help reduce snow from building up during the winter. Building a separate structure also gave us the freedom to house his power gear and generator inside the building.

Due to the remote location of this project, getting all the gear and necessary equipment for the install was no easy task. However, we teamed up with the builder to pull the gear up the road with heavy duty machinery and equipment trailers. In the winter, we service the system via snowmobiles. No off-grid is too remote!

This complex system is an absolute powerhouse. Equipped with Outbacks Monitoring, the system can be monitored by both the homeowner and Harvest Solar from anywhere Internet service is available.

This allows us to keep an eye on the system and make programming changes remotely. This consequently helps to eliminate service calls and ensure your system is always operating efficiently at full capacity.

System Details

System Size: 13.6 kW solar, 45 kW generator

System Specs: 48 SolarWorld 280s and three Outback Radian Inverters, accompanied with a 45 kW Kohler generator. Outback Optics Monitoring system

Location: Cooke City

Install Date: Summer of 2017

"During the initial planning phase for the construction of Grizzly Bluff Lodge in 2013, I realized that providing off-grid power to a remote property located at an elevation of 8,900 feet directly outside Yellowstone National Park would be a serious challenge. To further complicate the matter, my knowledge of off-grid power systems was extremely limited.

After screening several companies specializing in solar power installations, I met with Kyle and Brad of Harvest Solar in 2014, and I was immediately impressed with their expertise, but equally important, I appreciated their patience in educating a novice in the available options and significant considerations when designing a large solar power system.

I cannot express how fortunate I was to meet Kyle and Brad, and I am extremely thankful I selected Harvest Solar to install and maintain my off grid power system.”
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