The Klamerts initially contacted us to build a small power system for their new greenhouse at their home in Billings, Montana. After chatting with Ronna Klamert and teaching her about available incentives and how solar works, she decided to have us out to her home for a free site assessment to determine if solar would be a good option for her family.

As the conversation continued, we realized the Klamert’s business, Bulls Eye Ranch, would qualify for the USDA’s Rural Energy for America Program, so we decided doing both projects would make the most financial sense. We designed and installed a 25kW system for their home and a 42kW system at the feedlot for Bulls Eye Ranch.

Our Strategy

After visiting the Klamert’s home, we determined that a ground mount would be the best solution, as there was not enough room on their home for the size system they needed. Their energy costs were extremely high, so adding solar was a great way to offset these costs. To keep down project costs, Jean Klamert helped with excavation work, as he already owned the necessary equipment.

Aesthetics were important to the homeowner, so we decided to go with a large single ground mount blended into the landscape.

End Result

With solar on their business and their home, the Klamerts have taken control over their energy needs. They have increased the resale value of their home and are less vulnerable to energy rate increases. Reducing energy costs for their business means they can reinvest their savings and let their business grow.

System Details

System Size: 25 kW Montana Solar ground mount

System Specs: 3 SMA Inverters
(two 9.0 kW inverters and one 7.6 kW)

Location: Billings

Install Date: Fall of 2015

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