Community Talks

Every year, Brad and Kyle travel to various communities around the state giving introductory solar lectures. Geared for communities and schools, these talks are a great resource for folks who are interested in getting a solar electric system for their own home, business or nonprofit building.

We typically go over the basics of how solar electric technology works; how powerful a resource the sun is; and what the Montana laws surrounding renewable energy are. At the end of each community talk, we save time for Q&As, which are a great way for people to get their individual questions answered.

We are more than happy to make a trip to your community and continue to spread the word about solar. If you’d like us to come speak at your event, you can send us a request via our contact page.

Organizations We Work With

First Light

Beyond offering educational opportunities to fellow Montanans, we also work with First Light, Montana’s first nonprofit geared exclusively towards education and implementation of solar. Founded by Harvest Solar owner Kyle MacVean, First Light’s mission is to bring reliable, renewable energy to communities in need around the globe. Learn more about First Light at firstlightfamily.org.


The Montana Renewable Energy Association (MREA) is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding Montana’s use of renewable energy.

Harvest Solar recognizes the significance of MREA’s work, and we support them in all of their efforts. Kyle serves on the Safety Board, working to ensure best practice and safety are part of every solar project in Montana.


Charge MT is a nonprofit focused on changing Montana laws that limit renewables in the state.  Harvest Solar has worked closely with Charge MT to advance legislation. Brad even took on the persona of “Solar Guy” to help spread the word and encourage involvement across the state!

Northwest Energy

Northwestern Energy's Renewable Energy program encourages the development of renewable energy resource projects that use environmentally friendly or green technology to generate electricity.

Harvest Solar participates in this program to help customers understand what incentives are available for their home, business or nonprofit organization.


The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) represents all organizations that promote, manufacture, install and support the development of solar energy. Harvest Solar connects with industry peers and obtains continuing education through SEIA events and trainings.