Who We Are

Committed to providing the highest quality craftsmanship and customer service, Harvest Solar was founded in 2012 by Brad Van Wert and Kyle MacVean. Together, the duo brings over 20-years of combined boots-on-the-roof install experience.

The idea of Harvest Solar was born out of Brad and Kyle’s desire to help more people people understand that solar was within their reach.

Prior to starting Harvest, both Kyle and Brad had worked in the solar electric industry for a number of years. As the price of solar started to decline, they saw an opportunity to create a company that always put the customer at the forefront. Since opening, they have worked hard to  offer customers affordable solutions, while creating a personalized experience that allows them to understand how their system works.

A Personalized Approach

At Harvest Solar, getting to know our customers’ needs is our priority. We believe this makes for a fun and educational experience, while also creating a dialogue that allows for transparency and accountability.

We are here to do more than put solar on your roof. We are here to teach you how it works. Through this educational, customer-first approach, we believe our clients can have a more satisfying transition to solar. Armed with an understanding of how the technology works, they are empowered to take ownership of their energy needs.

In order to ensure our clients always receive the highest level of service, we have kept our operation small. This enables us to be involved throughout the whole process -- from sales, to design and install, to project completion and beyond.

Each project is unique. From large commercial projects, to small-off grid, we give every project the time and attention it deserves.

Meet The Owners

Kyle MacVean

Kyle brings over a decade of experience designing and installing solar electric systems, completing hundreds of installations in Montana and beyond.

Having lived off-the-grid for six years, he understands first-hand how to design systems that support people’s lifestyles and goals.

Brad Van Wert

Brad brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the Harvest Solar team. While he is experienced working in every step of the process, he is most passionate about working one-on-one with clients and explaining how solar is a good fit for them.

Whether Brad is wiring panels on a roof; advocating for responsible legislation and public policy; or outside playing in the mountains, he is proud to say that he wakes up every day going to work for the sun.


Harvest Solar is committed to providing customers with the highest quality solar electric systems while creating an experience that educates and empowers them to take ownership of their energy needs.


By educating our customers and our community, we work to create a world where all people understand how solar energy works and believe it’s within their reach.

Our Core Values


Education is at the foundation of all we do. From teaching our customers how technology works, to staying up to date on the latest industry innovations, to offering community talks around the state, we believe education is the first step to creating positive change.


We pay attention to every detail with an unforgiving eye in order to ensure you get the highest quality product.


We take great care in providing our customers with a satisfying experience. We strive to give you the best customer service possible, during your project and after installation.


We are committed to our community and are always working to advance the solar industry in Montana.

Our Process